Royals 5, A's 11 Sunday May 14, 10:55 AM @ Wishing Well
L: A. Goddard (0-1)  
P. Chan301101.571
D. Burke200010.200
J. Andrews200001.667
M. Steward100011.800
A. Hand211000.400
P. Hiemstra211000.333
S. Carriere110010.200
A. Goddard100110.500
A. Seddiqi211110.500
G. Brown100100.000
R. Thompson110010.000
S. Singh100010.000
T. Kiriazakos100000.000
RBI: P. Chan (1), A. Goddard (1), A. Seddiqi (3), G. Brown (1)
SF: G. Brown (1)
HBP: T. Kiriazakos (1)
SB: P. Chan 2 (5), A. Seddiqi (1), R. Thompson (1), S. Singh (1)
A. Goddard3.061111116025.67
D. Burke1.00001000.00
P. Mannone120121.429
L. Mak221100.429
B. Nasello201410.250
A. Mannone302301.429
E. Coles111020.714
J. James110001.200
G. Smardenkas120020.143
S. Yerzy211110.333
J. Eljawhary110011.000
D. Dower100011.000
M. Davidson000000.000
R. Turcios000000.000
2B: E. Coles (2)
RBI: P. Mannone (2), L. Mak (2), B. Nasello 4 (5), A. Mannone 3 (6), S. Yerzy (2)
HBP: J. James (1)
SB: L. Mak (1)
The A's have not entered pitching stats for this game.