Jun 24 - Jun 30

Thursday Jun 27, 6:00 PM
Jays Heron Park
Thursday Jun 27, 8:30 PM
Royals Heron Park

Royals - 2023 Champions

The 2023 winners have been updated on our awards page

Posted by Phil Hiemstra - Sunday Nov 19, 4:46 PM

Most of the core functions of the site has been restored.  Score reporting, roster building, and stats reporting should work.  Unfortunately coaches will have to rebuild their 2023 rosters and re-enter their stats.

You will have to do a 'forgot password' on the login screen before logging in again for the first time.

There are still some pages/features that aren't working, but I hope to have everything fixed in the next week.

Technical stuff:
Hosting service went down for about 10 days.  When they came back up, their most recent backups were from January 2023.  I had to rewrite some of the code that talks to the database because it was restored in a different location and over the years I've lost some of the code.

Posted by Phil Hiemstra - Saturday Jun 24, 7:05 PM

Most Outstanding Hitter:Jamie Lennox
Most Outstanding Pitcher:Wiliams Alejo
Veteran of the Year: Jamie Lennox
Rookie of the Year: Wiliams Alejo
Playoff MVP:Colm Blaney

Posted by Pat McEnroe - Tuesday Nov 8, 10:42 PM